Little Eva

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First Appearance

Little Eva #1 (May 1952)

Original Publisher

St. John Publications

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Little Eva is a high-spirited girl with a vivid imagination and a mischievous streak. Something of a tomboy, she tends to get into adventures with her neighborhood "gang", often causing a great deal of trouble in the process. Her friends include Clarence, a young inventor whose "get rich" schemes frequently end in disaster, and Puddy, a local stray of indeterminate pedigree.

While basically good-natured and innocent, Eva isn't above scamming other children for their pocket money or playing pranks on disapproving adults. Occasionally, her hi-jinx backfire completely, landing her in trouble with her long-suffering parents and other authority figures. Despite sometimes ending up with "egg on her face", Eva is utterly irrepressible, usually bouncing back from each pratfall with twice as much enthusiasm as before.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Little Eva #1-31 (St. John. May 1952 - Nov. 1956)
  • Little Eva #3-D 1-2 (St. John. Oct.- Nov. 1953)
  • Little Eva #1-8 (I.W. Enterprises)

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