Prince Falkar

Real Name

Prince Falkar

First Appearance

Pep Comics #4 (May, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lin Streeter

Golden Age Origin

Prince Falkar is the crown prince of the Hawkmen, a race of winged beings that live on the same planet as the Queen of Diamonds and her people.

He first appeared in Pep Comics #4, under attack by several Lizard-Men. Rocket and the Queen of Diamonds found him fighting them by himself and helped him. Afterwards he befriended them, and they returned to the Hawkmen kingdom with him. After a coup orchestrated by Princess Abbie (his betrothed) and her right-hand man Lomar in which Falkar's father (the king) was assassinated, Falkar fled from his kingdom in exile with Rocket and the Queen of Diamonds. He helped them reestablish the Queen of Diamonds to her rightful throne of the Diamond Empire by deposing Retlek. He did not accompany Rocket and the Queen of Diamonds in their adventure with the Pigwidgeons, and since this story was the finale of The Rocket and the Queen of Diamonds story it is unknown if Prince Falkar ever returned to the Hawkmen Kingdom to reclaim the throne from Princess Abbie.

Golden Age Appearances

Pep Comics #4-10

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