Fantômas, King of Crime

Real Name


First Appearance

Fantômas (Novel, 1911)

Original Publisher

Created by

Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre


Fantômas is a highly elusive criminal mastermind and one of the earliest costumed villains. He was tracked by his great nemesis, Inspector Juve, but each time Juve thought he had the crime master, Fantômas managed to slip away.

Fantômas was also tracked by Sherlock Holmes when he came to England. Fantômas was arrested in America by Nick Carter, but escaped and challenged the detective to a game of wits.

Fantômas possesses a genius level intellect and a wide array of skills, which he uses to commit daring crimes. Despite his audacity, he covers his tracks well enough that the general public does not even believe he exists. He is a master of disguise and always operates under an assumed identity, often that of a person whom he has murdered. He would go so far as to make gloves from the skin of a victim's hand to leave their fingerprints behind. He is also an expert with explosives and other instruments of murder and destruction. However, he is a completely ruthless and sadistic sociopath, who enjoys coming up with creative and elaborate ways of killing his victims. Some of his past methods have involved plague-infested rats, giant snakes, and rooms that fill with sand. He has absolutely no sense of loyalty.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantômas (1911; transl. 1915; retransl. 1986)
  • Juve contre Fantômas (1911; transl. 1916 as The Exploits of Juve; retransl. 1987 as The Silent Executioner)
  • Le Mort qui Tue (1911; transl. 1917 as Messengers of Evil)
  • L'Agent Secret (1911; transl. 1917 as A Nest of Spies)
  • Un Roi Prisonnier de Fantômas (1911; transl. 1919 as A Royal Prisoner)
  • Le Policier Apache (1911; transl. 1924 by Alfred Allinson as The Long Arm of Fantômas)
  • Le Pendu de Londres (1911; transl. 1920 as Slippery as Sin)
  • La Fille de Fantômas (1911; transl. 2006 by Mark P. Steele as The Daughter of Fantomas)
  • Le Fiacre de Nuit (1911)
  • La Main Coupée (1911; transl. 1924 by Alfred Allinson as The Limb of Satan)
  • L'Arrestation de Fantômas (1912)
  • Le Magistrat Cambrioleur (1912)
  • La Livrée du Crime (1912)
  • La Mort de Juve (1912)
  • L'Evadée de Saint-Lazare (1912)
  • La Disparition de Fandor (1912)
  • Le Mariage de Fantômas (1912)
  • L'Assassin de Lady Beltham (1912)
  • La Guêpe Rouge (1912)
  • Les Souliers du Mort (1912)
  • Le Train Perdu (1912)
  • Les Amours d'un Prince (1912)
  • Le Bouquet Tragique (1912)
  • Le Jockey Masqué (1913)
  • Le Cercueil Vide (1913)
  • Le Faiseur de Reines (1913)
  • Le Cadavre Géant (1913)
  • Le Voleur d'Or (1913)
  • La Série Rouge (1913)
  • L'Hôtel du Crime (1913)
  • La Cravate de Chanvre (1913)
  • La Fin de Fantômas (1913)

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