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Dr. George Leicester

First Appearance

Librairie des Romans Choisis (1921)

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George Leicester was a medical doctor from England who was working in the Philipines, when he helped to resuscitate a Hindu yogi named Nadir Kritchna, who had been sentenced to electrocution for a crime he clearly did not commit. The grateful Kritchna saw in Leicester, a man pure of heart and destined for great things. Kritchna takes him to a mysterious temple in the jungle, and performs various mystic rituals to grant the doctor supernatural powers, certain he will never misuse them. Leicester adopts the name "Fascinax" and wearing a hat and cape, sets out on a quest to fight evil, starting with Kritchna's green-eyed nemesis, Numa Pergyll (who possessed powers rivaling those of Fascinax himself) and his henchman, Franz Krypfer.

In the course of his adventures, Fascinax battled a super-hypnotist, the "Queen of Mermaids" (a water-breathing mastermind), a murderous gnome, and bat-men from the planet Mars.

Powers and Abilities

His abilities included augmented senses and vitality, the ability to see the past and future, hypnotize with his eyes, and be alerted to imminent danger via marks on the body. He also utilized high-tech weapons and vehicles including the Fascine, a car that can change into an airplane, a seaplane which also operates as a submarine, and a deadly silent “electrical gun.”

Public Domain Literary Appearances

Fascinax #1-22

  1. Qui Est-Ce? (Who Is He?)
  2. Le Docteur aux Yeux Verts (The Green-Eyed Doctor)
  3. La Morte de Long Island (The Dead Woman of long Island)
  4. La Momie sans Pouce (The Thumbless Mummy)
  5. La Vapeur Écarlate (The Scarlet Mist)
  6. La Pierre Fatale (The Deadly Stone)
  7. L'Avalanche Vengeresse (The Avenging Avalanche)
  8. Le Saut de la Mort (Deadman's Jump
  9. Au Bord de l'Abîme (The Edge of the Abyss)
  10. Le Jouet qui Parle (The Talking Toy)
  11. Le Sous-Marin Volant (The Flying Submarine)
  12. Le Téléphone Mystérieux (The Mysterious Telephone)
  13. Un Message de la Planète Mars (Message from Planet Mars)
  14. La Caverne aux Millions (The Cavern of Millions)
  15. L'Escalier de Feu (Staircase of Fire)
  16. L'Obus Infernal (The Infernal Bombshell)
  17. La Cloche Humaine (The Human Bell)
  18. Le Château du Fantôme (The Castle of the Ghost)
  19. La Roche Ensorcelée (The Spellbound Rock)
  20. Le Pendu de l'Ile-aux-rats (The Hanged Man of the Isle of Rats)
  21. L'Auberge du Diable (Devil's Inn)
  22. Les Bijoux qui Tuent (The Deadly Jewels)

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