Public Domain Super Heroes
Father Wolf

Real Name

Father Wolf

First Appearance

Mowgli's Brothers (1893)

Created by

Rudyard Kipling


Father Wolf was the mate of Raksha, father of Grey Brother, and adoptive father of Mowgli.

Father Wolf discovered Mowgli when he investigated a noise outside the cave den where his mate, Raksha (Mother Wolf), was suckling her cubs. Instead of the tiger, Shere Khan, he was startled to see a naked human baby emerge from the bush. At Raksha's request, he brought the "man cub" to her and she decided to adopt him and name him Mowgli. Father Wolf died at about the same time as Raksha, when Mowgli was about 14 years old, and Mowgli mourned them and sealed their bodies in their cave.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mowgli's Brothers
  • Tiger! Tiger!
  • Letting In the Jungle


Disney gave the character the name "Rama" however, in the books, that name belonged to a minor water buffalo character.

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