Real Name

<unknown first name> Renarr

First Appearance

Modern Comics #49 (May 1946)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Reed Crandall & Chuck Cuidera


Fear was the daughter of the slain leader of an obscure nation in central Asia. When Blackhawk and his men arrived to investigate the murder, they found Fear always a half-step ahead on her vendetta, ruthlessly avenging her father.

She later developed a romantic interest in Blackhawk, assisting the team in various cases and missions, usually in central Asia. The conclusion of her story, however, seemed to imply that she was resigned to disappointment in carrying a torch for Blackhawk.

Powers and Abilities

Fear displayed an impressive array of skills including flying planes, horsemanship, martial arts, and wielding a bullwhip, as well as crack marksmanship.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Modern Comics #49
  • Blackhawk #13-14, 17-20, 22


  • She was never known as "Miss Fear" in any public domain stories.
  • In her first three appearances, Fear breaks the "fourth wall" by talking directly to the reader.

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