The Figure

Real Name


First Appearance

Plastic Man #23 (May 1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Cole

Golden Age Origin

The Figure was a beautiful and intelligent young woman whose good looks made most people forget she was smart much to her annoyance. She took over her ex-boyfriend Wishbone's gang by threatening to take back the money she posted for his bail and then suggested that they rob the Novel Novelty Works safe. She said that because Wishbone's gang just tried to steal it, but even though Plastic Man stopped them last time, no one would expect them to try it again so soon.

That night her gang was confronted by Plastic Man, the Figure pretended to be a scrub woman working late who had been attacked by the criminals robbing the safe allowing her men to escape while Plastic Man was dealing with her. Meanwhile back at Wishbone's apartment, the former gang boss accused Woozy Winks of trying to steal his antique china collection. The police take Woozy away and Wishbone went to the station to press charges.

After the police leave, the Figure and her crooks return to the apartment Plastic Man impersonated Wishbone to get a confession out of them for their crimes. Once discovered, Figure attempted to vulcanize Plastic Man using a blowtorch, but he evaded her and took the blowtorch away. Defeat she tried to flirt herself out of the situation, but Plastic Man nervously alerted the authorities who arrest the Figure, Wishbone, and their gang as well as release Woozy of any charges. The Figure can be seen flirting with the policemen as she was lead into the jail most likely trying to use her charms to escape custody.

Public Domain Golden Age Appearances

  • Plastic Man #23

Copyrighted Golden Age Appearances

  • Plastic Man #49 (Re-print)

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