The Fire Bug

Real Name

Orson Arson

First Appearance

Black Cat #28 (April, 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lee Elias and Bob Haney?


The Fire Bug was Orson Arson, a disgruntled special effects and pyrotechnics coordinator for Century Studios. After he was canned, he put on the Fire Bug costume and became a serial arsonist. The Fire Bug costume could emit flames from the antennas on the head. It is unclear if the suit actually allowed Orson to fly. His is responsible for the death of the parents of Kit Weston (AKA Black Kitten). He was eventually tracked down by the Black Cat and Kit. After a brief fight he ultimately chose to leap to his death into a fire, unafraid of the flames.

His costume remains in Kit's possession, shown using it as a punching bag.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Black Cat #28, 63 (re-print)


  • The re-print issue #63-65 of Black Cat were renewed for their copyright, but since the only new material was the covers, it does not really affect the status of Fire Bug other than the design used on cover of #63 is not PD.