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|Row 1 info = Unknown
|Row 1 info = Unknown
|Row 2 title = First Appearance
|Row 2 title = First Appearance
|Row 2 info = Tailspin Comics #1 (November 1944)
|Row 2 info = Talespin Comics #1 (1944)
|Row 3 title = Original Publisher
|Row 3 title = Original Publisher
|Row 3 info = Spotlight
|Row 3 info = Spotlight

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Real Name


First Appearance

Talespin Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin

Firebird was an American costumed hero operating in Germany during WWII. He was working with the German Underground to fight the Nazis.

During his only published adventure, he was trying to discover the true identity of a new skilled pilot in the Luftwaffe who flew an advanced Messerschmidt plane. He eventually was able to force the pilot to land after confronting them at a secret air base located thirty miles west of Jena. When they land, Firebird discovered the pilot is a woman called Valkyrie who had taken to the skies to inspire German women to become pilots to turn the tide of the war in Germany's favor. The female pilot pulled her gun on the hero, but Firebird was quicker on the draw and shot his opponent down in self-defense.

Powers and Abilities

  • Firebird was a skilled pilot, fighter, and a quick-draw gunman.


  • The story in Talespin Comics #1 was re-printed and re-colored from a Blackout story in Cat-Man Comics #24. The only changes where Blackout's name and the colors of his costume.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Talespin Comics #1

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