Chesler Firebrand .jpg

Real Name

Ray O'Light

First Appearance

Yankee Comics #1 (September 1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler/Harvey

Created by

Charles Sultan


Ray O'Light, an electrical worker, was struck by lightning while working up a pole. By chance, Professor Rand, an electrical scientist, witnessed this and decided that, if the man lived, he could be a test subject. So Rand puts on rubber gloves and pulls the highly charged and unconscious Ray into his car. The Professor then takes Ray to his lab. When he awakens, the confused Ray O'Light is informed of his new abilities. If Ray clenches his fists, he generates enough electricity to produce destructive blasts or be protected by an energy field. When he unclenches his hands, he reverts to normal. Ray decides immediately to only use his powers for justice and renames himself Firebrand.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Yankee Comics #1
  • All-New Comics #1
  • All-New Short Stories #1 -3

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