Police Comics -3

Real Name

Rod Reilly

First Appearance

Police Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

S. M. Iger and Reed Crandall


Rod Reilly, son of a millionaire steel tycoon Ed "Emerald" Reilly, was bored of his playboy lifestyle, so he decided to become a crime fighter. Assisted by Slugger Dunn, his ex-prize-fighter valet and best friend, Firebrand used his fighting prowess and skills with a lariat to fight crime. He also has vacuum cups for climbing the buildings in New York. He was engaged to Joan Rogers, a wealthy socialite.

During his early adventures, Firebrand was wanted by police for crimes he did not commit. Like many other heroes, he left a signature item wherever he stopped crimes - in his case, it was a lit torch.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Police Comics #1-13

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