Real Name

Freddy Fly

First Appearance

Mad Hatter #1 (1946)

Original Publisher

O.W. Comics Corp

Created by

Bill Woolfolk


When a hero is needed, young Freddy Fly calls out, "Flame On!" to become the hero, Firefly!

While on a date with his girlfriend, Myrtle, her grandpa (a retired police hero) is attacked at home by the Black Mask and a couple of his minions. When the Firefly flies in to save the day, Grandpa attempts to reclaim his former glory but, ends up knocked out cold instead. After taking down the Black Mask and his men, Firefly and Myrtle wait for Grandpa to wake up and tell him he saved the day so he can be a hero again.


When a hero is needed, Freddy yells "Flame On!" to be transformed into the Firefly!

Powers and Abilities

When "flamed on" as the Firefly, Freddy's body is engulfed in flames somehow enabling him to fly and become resistant to bullets.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mad Hatter #1
  • Animal Fables


  • Although the end of the story said Freddy would be appearing in a new title called "Animal Antics," no title was ever produced by O.W. Comics Corp.
  • Aside from being an insect, everything else about Freddy is nearly identical to Johnny Storm (aka: Marvel Comics' Human Torch) who is, most definitely, NOT in the public domain.
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