Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Lynn Cabot

First Appearance

Ranger Comics #21 (1945)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

John Starr and Lee Elias


Firehair was really Lynn Cabot, called Princess Smith by her father. She was the daughter of a wealthy Boston businessman who was killed by outlaws posing as Native Americans. She was found by Little Ax, son of Chief Tehama of the Sioux tribe and was adopted into the tribe. She became an expert archer, knife thrower, canoe rower,and fighter. In fact, she was more skilled than most of the male members of the tribe. She had a horse named Dead-Eye and worked as a fur trapper to make a living. She would protect the Natives from anyone who dared to try and exploit or hurt them.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Ranger Comics #21-65
  • Firehair Comics #1-2
  • Firehair #7-11
  • Pioneer West Romances #3-7

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