Flame Goddess
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Real Name

Shelia Vernow

First Appearance

Slave Girl Comics #2 (1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Sid Greene


Shelia Vernow was the sister of archaeologist Neal Vernow who with his friend Cliff Barron was searching in Peru for the lost city of gold known as Chicalmo. Shelia dreamt that Cliff and Neal had discovered the city only to be attacked by the natives. Disturbed by this dream, Shiela talked with Professor Farrel who while aware that Shelia's mother had a psychic sense could not put much faith in just a dream.

Undeterred, Shelia set off immediately for Lima, Peru only to learn that the government was going to seal the tunnel used by Neal's expedition with concrete in two weeks. A guide named Juan Sinto however offers to take her to the lost city for five thousand American dollars. She agrees to the terms, but after getting his money Juan left Shelia stranded in the jungle. she tried to continue her search, but fainted from exhaustion.

Upon waking she finds herself in Chicalmo pampered by Incan servants. The priest of the flame temple greeted her as the Flame Goddess and tells her they will go to the flame temple to replace the old goddess. Once at the temple, the old Flame Goddess gives Shelia the flame scepter, the symbol of the goddess' power, and then jumped into a flaming pit. The priest then handed her the dagger of flames and told her that tomorrow she must sacrifice two enemies of Chicalmo, her brother and Cliff.

The next day, she used a trick knife made for her by a goldsmith in Chicalmo to trick the people into thinking Neal and Cliff were immortals. She then requested a feast to celebrate them and that they be brought to her quarters after they received new clothes and were attended to. Once Neal and Cliff arrive, Shelia reveals her identity and explained what happened to her and how she saved them. The trio then head to the feast.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Slave Girl Comics #2
  • Strange Worlds #3 (re-print)

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