Flatfeet Fogarty, the Super Cop

Real Name

Flatfeet Fogarty

First Appearance

Red Band Comics #3 (April 1945)

Original Publisher


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Golden Age Origin

Flatfeet Fogarty, the Super Cop, was the first person on Brutus to meet Hugh Mann, the Impossible Man, and had him arrested and put on trial by Super Judge. However, this trial was interrupted by Super Phony who had developed super hypnotism. Impossible Man outwitted Super Phoney however by using a mirror to reflect back the villain's hypnotism. This freed Super Cop from his hypnotic trance which was making him act like a dog.

Like all inhabitants of Brutus, Flatfeet Fogarty was a superhuman and had superpowers like super strength, flight, super invulnerability.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Red Band Comics #3-4

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