Public Domain Super Heroes
Flip Falcon of the 4th Dimension

Real Name

Flip/Flick Falcon

First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #1 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Don Rico


Originally known as Flick Falcon, Flip Falcon was an American scientist and adventurer who invented Fourth Dimension Machine, a computer-esque device that allowed him to travel to any point in space-time (the 4th Dimension), so long as he pre-programmed the coordinates. He used this device to explore the space-time continium, and fight whatever historic, futuristic and alien enemies he happened to come across. He was usually aided by his girlfriend, Adele.

Flip Falcon frequently clashed with "Demi-Things," an alien race that was exiled from Earth for crimes against humanity. Their appearance resembles bald, elf-eared satyrs. They used their advanced technology to conquer Mars and brainwashed some it's native races to do their bidding. But their greatest asset was their own Fourth Dimension Machine, which allowed them to strike at any time and place of their choosing. Their leader, Chongo, planned to conquer Earth through a number of schemes, including charging up a ray to obliterate buildings and leave nothing but skeletons behind. But whatever plan he may have concocted, Flip Falcon always managed to come out on top sooner or later.

Powers and Abilities

Flip Falcon was a non-powered adventurer, displaying strength and reflexes common among adventurers of his time. At some point, he gained an immunity to electricity.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Comics #1-3 (as Flick)
  • Fantastic Comics #4-21 (as Flip)

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