Flyin' Jenny

Real Name

Jenny Dare

First Appearance

Flyin' Jenny comic strip (October, 1939)

Original Publisher

Created by

Russell Keaton


Flyin' Jenny was an ace pilot, who competed in aerial racing competitions and had many adventures along the way, often dealing with foreign spies and criminals. She worked as a test pilot at the Starcraft Aviation Factory and flew a series of planes called the "Powder Puff."

Powers and Abilities

She was smart, courageous, resourceful, and could "out-pilot" nearly anyone.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #1-15
  • Heroic Comics #16-31
  • War Victory Comics #1 (just a stamp ad)


  • Keaton originally planned to name the strip's heroine "Virginia Dare" after his wife. Delighted that he wanted to use her name, she cautioned, "Russell, I'm not criticizing, but historians might. Remember, Virginia Dare was the name of the first child born of English parents in this country. Why don't you name her Virginia something else?" Keaton explained that he had specific reasons for choosing his character's last name as well as the first: "No, I want to name her Dare because I'm going to make her a daring young aviatrix." Then, he had an idea: "Jenny is a nickname for Virginia. I'll name her Jenny Dare."

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