Frankenstein vs Ghost Rider

Real Name

Harry Bennett

First Appearance

Ghost Rider #10 (1952)

Original Publishers

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Dick Ayers


According to Mr. Wilcox, Frankenstein's Monster came to America after escaping the fury of the local villagers who entrapped him in a windmill and then set fire to it. By tunneling under it, he escaped the blaze and made his way to the docks. After disposing of the sailors he made his way to the New World. Continuing his journey until he reaches the American west, the monster commits several violent murders, including drowning and choking his victims. The killings come to the attention of Rex Fury a.k.a. the Ghost Rider. He engages the monster in combat, and after a brief struggle the murderer is revealed to be Harry Bennett, a man who had secretly killed his partner to gain full ownership of their gold mine the year before. However, there were four witnesses to the killing who decided to blackmail Bennett. After hearing the theory of Mr. Wilcox about Frankenstein's immigration to America, Bennett got the idea of impersonating the creature and murdering the blackmailers so that the monster would be blamed. Ghost Rider turned him in to the proper authorities and ended his killing spree.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Ghost Rider #10
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