Fraulein Efeu
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Real Name

Efeu, Number 18

First Appearance

Deviant Art (Dec. 7, 2011)

Created by

David Eveleigh


Little is known about the Atlantean race. Once, they were masters of the Earth. Now, they have vanished without a trace. But just because they are gone, it does not mean that their influence cannot be felt in our world. They operate from the shadows, manipulating the minds and souls of humanity with their powerful, collective will. They are present in any scene, in any story or in any song where you can feel their willpower at work. And wherever they are, Efeu cannot be far behind, for she is their agent in the human realms.

Amongst her own people, she is nothing special. Just another cog in a great, military machine. But when she walks amongst us, she is the ubermensch. The source of her power is her blue, third eye, which is only visible when it is open and only opens when she exercises her superhuman will. Like all Atlanteans, she has the gift of immortality. However, the nature of this gift is a closely guarded secret. She can be "killed" by any normal means. But, no matter what is done to her, she will simply resurface later, just as ideas and ideologies resurface, despite humanity's efforts to burn or bury them.

Although she can speak both German and her own Proto-Germanic tongue quite fluently, she speaks very little English and will usually rely on an interpreter when dealing with Anglophones. In her own society, she holds the rank of Lieutenant and is addressed as the number 18. She has no interest in relationships. She is married to her work.


(translated from her native tongue)

  • "Is it true that Man cannot touch the Sun? Or have his ears merely been filled with the tragedy of Icarus so that he will be too afraid to try?"
  • "Throughout history, there has only ever been one war: the conflict of ideals that takes place inside the human mind. Everything else is just an extension of that."
  • "I despise pity. I spit on it. It is the weapon of the weak."
  • "I don't speak English, but I can if you like. Achtung!"


"Efeu" is German for "Ivy" and, when read phonetically, sounds like "Eff-You" (which would help explain just how bad she is).


  • Fraulein Efeu is an open source character created by David Eveleigh. She may be used by anyone, for any purpose, so long as their work is accompanied by this paragraph. Feel free to use her as you see fit. Just make sure she doesn't start using you.


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