Fred Fearnot

Real Name

Fred Fearnot

First Appearance

Fred Fearnot's Great Run; or, An Engineer for a Week (in Work and Win #13, March 3, 1899)

Original Publisher

Frank Tousey

Created by

Harvey King Shackleford (as Hal Standish)


Fred Fearnot's first adventures occurred while he was a student at Avon Academy. Later, he went to college at Yale, and then went off to West Point. Fred eventually had amazing adventures all over the world. He solved crimes, unraveled suppossedly supernatural mysteries and battled bizzare enemies, including witches, cults, savage mountain men, giants and the mafia. Several other dime novel heroes attended his wedding to Evelyn Olcott, including Frank Merriwell, who competed with him in a number of sports.

Fred was usually accompanied on his adventures by Evelyn's brother, Terry Olcott. Fred himself was humble, unwilling to recognize himself as a hero. He did, however, have a good sense of humor and was fond of playing practical jokes on his friends.

Fred was fearless and an extraordinary athlete, skilled in boxing, wrestling, shooting, hunting, riding (bulls as well as horses), climbing, acrobatics and pretty much everything else (including most popular sports). He was also something of a genius and a natural born leader. He sometimes carried a revolver, but could generally best anyone with his fists.

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