Real Name

Era Cronos

First Appearance

Futureman #1 (1964)

Original Publisher

Editorial Dayca

Created by

H. G. Oesterheld and Eugenio Zoppi


Era Cronos is a scientist from the 25th century, living in the southern region of the fictional "Americas Unidas" (translated "United Americas") which is the entire American continent unified in a single nation, along with his wife Roma. Among his inventions are the Time-visor, a TV like device which allows him to see and study any event through space and time, and his Time Machine, which allows him to travel to any place and time in history, which he does often to fight crime and injustice. Cronos has been present in several key moments of human history, such as the discovery of fire by the first human beings, the disembark of Vikings in America well before Columbus, and the slave uprising led by Spartacus in ancient Rome, among others but he always managed to remain anonymous and out of history books. However, is during his incursions in the present to fight criminals that he was given the name "Futureman" by the different people that saw him.

Powers and abilities

Besides his Time-Visor and time machine, he has anatomic jet motor, small enough to fit on his back and allow him to fly, and two special guns, one that emits a mind control beam to control people and animals, and a heat ray gun. His vast knowledge of history also allows him to speak and understand any language that has ever been spoken.


Both creators are dead (or, in the case of H. G. Oesterheld, "legally" dead) thus, making the character an orphan work.

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