Real Name

Don Leash

First Appearance

National Comics #27 (1942)

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Golden Age Origin

Don Leash was G-2, one of America's top secret agents and a costumed one at that, he worked across the US with Army intelligence to protect America from its enemies. He had no powers, but was a skilled fighter. His enemies include the Mata Hari, Gothro, Dr. Agony, and King Spy. He allied himself with fellow agent Jean Caroll, alias the Cantrow Poppy, and "the Chinese Joan of Arc" Lady Wang.


'G-2' was a code name for the Military Intelligence Division of the U.S. Department of War. It appeared in far too many Golden Age comics to count, and many Golden Age heroes worked with it (or for it) in some sort of capacity in some point or another.

Golden Age Appearances

  • National Comics #27-46

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