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Real Name

Leo Bogdan

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums- November 2014

Created By

Brandon Longstreth


Leo Bogdan was a desperate man with a wife and sick twin boys at home. With not enough money to pay for the twins medical treatments Leo was forced into petty crime, stealing goods from warehouses and storage lockers. One night he steals a crate containing an experimental flight suit and wing harness. After some practice he uses the suit to hold up wealthy socialites at galas. He uses the name Gadfly as a humbling reminder and vows never to hurt those he robs. A few months into his career as Gadfly he is accosted by a superhero and badly scarred during the fight while his identity is caught on camera. He manages to hide the flight suit but ultimately turns himself over to the police after being confronted by his wife. While serving his sentence he learns that one of his sons has succumbed to his sickness and his wife has divorced him and taken the other boy with her. Upon his release he makes a vow to right the wrongs he has made and, with the help of his parole officer, will make Gadfly a respectable hero.

Powers and Abilities

Gadfly's flight suit and wing harness give him advanced urban flight capabilities.


He only uses non lethal weaponry.


Gadfly is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish.

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