Galactic Knight

Real Name

Zyr V'lomah

First Appearance (6-19-13)

Original Publisher

Marz Tales

Created by

Marz Workman


Zyr was born into the warrior class on his home planet of Dagooine. Dagooine is mostly desert and swamp with few oceans. Raised to be a warrior servant of the Dagooine Warlord, Zyr endured pain and torture. He was trained in edged weapons, blunted weapons, and hand-to-hand combat.

He became a general at an early age, though not the youngest. His men followed his command without question. His command reached over 1,000 troops. This led to Zyr leading a rebellion to overthrow the warlord. During the battle in the throne room, Zyr took control of the Sun and Moon Swords, the most powerful weapons on Dagooine. When placed together, they become the Galaxy Sword. By right, Zyr had taken leadership of the planet, but instead, decreed that his world be free. A government arose and the Dagooan people lived in peace. Zyr had taken the role of his worlds protector.

Some time passed and the Galactic Order of Knights arrived to recruit Dagooine into its ranks, offering trade and protection, for warriors to protect the galaxy. The Prime Official agreed. Zyr volunteered for the duty. Others were chosen.

Zyr quickly became a legend throughout the galaxy. With the Galaxy Sword, Zyr was unbeatable. Others wanted the blade, and the pursuit and challenging of Zyr became an occupation among the power hungry. This went on for years, innocents often paying the price for others' greed. To end this conflict, Zyr launched the Sun Sword into Dagooine's primary sun, and the Moon Sword into Rhor's Black Hole.

Zyr remains with the Knights, protecting the galaxy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced strength
  • Skilled in many weapons and hand-to-hand combat.


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