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King Pelles, the Grail King, knows that his daughter, Elaine of Corbenic, is destined to give birth to the greatest knight in all of history. He gains a magical ring from Dame Brusen that will cause his daughter to take on the appearance of Queen Guenivere, who is loved by Sir Lancelot, the greatest knight of the time. Elaine and Lancelot conceive a son, though Lancelot is angry when he discovers the deception. Abandoned by his father, Galahad is raised by a great aunt in a nunnery. Later, he is reunited with Lancelot, who knights him and brings him to Camelot.

Offered a place at the round table, Galahad chooses to tempt fate by sitting at the Siege Perilous, a seat which will kill anyone unworthy of obtaining the Holy Grail. Galahad's purity and righteousness allow him to survive, and he does, in fact, become one of the few to obtain the Sangreal. He has many adventures on Earth before he is escorted to heaven by Joseph of Arimathea and the angels.

Gallahad was, according to the tales, the greatest knight of his time, a magnificent swordsman, equestrian, and fighter. He carries the standard weapons of a knight, and usually quested alone. He was also extremely gallant, pious and morally upright. He is sometimes portrayed as entirely sinless.

Public Domain Appearances

Catholic Comics

  • Catholic Comics #5-10, 13


  • Top-Notch Comics #5-11


  • Kid Eternity #1, 17

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