Gale Allen

Real Name

Gale Allen

First Appearance

Planet Comics #4 (April 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

R.A. Burley?


Gale Allen was a Venusian princess, the direct descendant of King Rogert who was the first human to land on Venus. Gale went on to become an agent of the Universal Space Patrol, and traveled throughout the galaxy fighting injustice. She held the rank of captain (though she was sometimes seen with a sergeant's insignia on shoulder) and she commanded a team called the Girl Squadron (or more formally, The 40th Women's Space Battalion), entirely comprised of female pilots and soldiers. Gale's headquarters was in Vanam, the canalled capital of Venus.

Allen considered Jack North, a fellow USP agent and US Marine, to be her best friend. Although North was openly skeptical about female warriors, Allen and her team proved their worth time and again. Jack and Gale seemed to be developing a romantic relationship until Allen caught North kissing a girl that he had rescued.

Allen's primary nemesis in her early career was Prince Blaga Daru, a tyrant who nearly conquered the Earth and wanted Gale for his mate. During the battle against Daru, Allen was made the top commander of the US Air Force. Her early adventures were supposed to take place around 1990, and her later adventures took place in the early 21st century (roughly 50-60 years in the future).

Powers and Abilities

Gale was a skilled pilot and fighter who carried a ray gun on her hip.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Planet Comics #4-6, 8-42, 65-70

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