No earthly creature can withstand my stare!

The Gargoyle

Real Name


First Appearance

Blue Ribbon Comics #20 (Jan. 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Blair and Sam Cooper


When a group of German archaeologists entered a cave in Greece looking for artifacts, they discovered a hideous stone gargoyle. A band of armed guerrillas attacked the group and hurt some. The Gargoyle came to life when blood from one of the wounded men got on it.

Since it was the man's blood that brought the Gargoyle to life it became his servant, killing and maiming whomever he commanded it to.

Mr. Justice encountered the creature in England when its master Dr Kuntz,commanded the gargoyle there to "destroy the enemies of my country". Mr Justice battled the creature to a standstill, realizing he could not stop the monster while its master lived. Flying to Germany he found the archaeologist, and once found, pulled the soul from his body, hurdled it into space where it entered the "blankness of eternity." There it became lost in darkness forever.

With no master to serve, The Gargoyle became lifeless stone again and Mr. Justice disintegrated it into dust over the English channel.

Powers and Abilities

An imposing figure, The Gargoyle possesses great strength, flight, and the ability to turn mortals into stone simply by looking at them.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Ribbon Comics #20
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