Real Name


First Appearance

Slave Girl #1 (February 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Howard Larsen


Garth was a captain of the guard in the city of Ormuz around 3000 BC. When he attempted to return Princess Malu to her father, the king, after she was abducted into a life of slavery, Malu's evil uncle, Phao, claimed that Garth was a liar and a traitor. Garth was sentenced to slavery and Malu was exiled from Ormuz. The two escaped from Phao and ended up in the kingdom of Zarkhana. There, Garth helped to overthrow the tyrant Shala, and restored order. Shala's sister Tirza made Garth the new king of Zarkhana. Garth took Malu as his queen, but Shala continued to plot her revenge.

Powers and Abilities

Garth was a skilled fighter, who usually carried a sword. He was also a resourceful tactician. After becoming king of Zarkhana, he was given a fierce mastif named Nimir.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Slave Girl #1-2
  • Strange Worlds #3
  • Malu in the Land of Adventure #1
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