Gary Stark

Real Name

Gary Stark

First Appearance

Target Comics vol. 7 #3 [69] (May, 1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Don Rico

Golden Age Origin

Gary was a young merchant marine who traveled the seas in the days following the second World War. He considered the sea his only true home. Gary's older brother had given his life saving the life of another merchant marine named Bob Carter. Carter swore to protect Gary in return, and traveled the world with him, though he longed to return to the United States to be with his girlfriend, Panama Condon. Bob and Gary were also accompanied on their adventures by a tough older Irish man named "Nails" Harrigan, who frequently smoked a pipe.

Bob, Gary and Nails had adventures around the world fighting a variety of criminals and despots. Gary was brave and a good fighter, but most of the fighting was handled by Carter and Harrigan, who were much bigger.

Golden Age Appearances

Target Comics vol. 7 #3 [69] - vol. 10 #3 [105]

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