George McWirther Fotheringay

Real Name

George McWirther Fotheringay

First Appearance

Illustrated London News (1898)

Original Publisher

Illustrated London News

Created by

H.G. Wells


Speaking skeptically about the possibility of miracles, George McWhirther Fotheringay is granted the ability to perform astounding miracles through sheer willpower, expressed vocally. His powers are granted by a supernatural, celestial being. One of three entity brothers who hold sway over planets.

He discovers a single limitation to his abilities when he attempts to cause a woman to fall in love with him. Urged on by a well-meaning minister, George decides to create a world of peace and harmony.

Gathering together the world's most powerful leaders to establish the new age he demands. Impatient, he does not give them adequate time to discuss. The leader's have until sunset. When it is pointed out to George the immanent twilight, he forces the world to stop. The inertia of the rotation suddenly stopping destroys everything on the planet. George survives, returning to an earlier point in time before he began performing miracles. He makes all of his power to create miracles disappear.

Powers and Abilities

Possessing the miraculous power, Mr. Fotheringay's abilities appear limitless, excepting the ability to control the minds of others. Some of the miracles he displayed include causing an oil lamp to float upside-down without spilling oil, teleporting a police officer to Hades and back to Earth in San Francisco. He also changed the ordinary clothes of a woman into a sultry Cleopatra costume. He teleported himself and another man to Bombay, India and back to England. He built a magnificent castle and populated it with people teleported there from around the globe. When he was shot at, he caused the bullets to disappear from the rifle and made himself invulnerable.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Illustrated London News (1898)
  • The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1936)

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