George Washington

Real Name

George Washington


February 22, 1732


December 14, 1799

Historical Background

Geroge Washington, the first president of the United States, was a warrior for much of his life. As a young man, he fought in the French and Indian War. He remained in the military, slowly climbing the ranks, until he was asked to become the General of the newly formed Continental Army. With the Continental Army, he battled the armies of Great Britain, which were sent to stifle the rebellion of the American Colonies against British rule. During the American Revolutionary War, Washington's armies often lacked the supplies they needed, and were forced to endure harsh winters, disease and deadly combat. After the British withdrew from the colonies, the citizens of the 13 colonies formed the United States, an independent nation, and elected Washington to become the first president in 1789. Though he was, at first, reluctant to take the responsibility, he considered it his duty, and served two terms. He died shortly after that.

Washington stood around 6'2" making him quite a bit taller than most of his contemporaries, and he was generally respected as a man of great integrity. He demonstrated himself to be a brilliant military tactician, and a man capable of enduring hardship.

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