Ghost Woman

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First Appearance

Star-Studded Comics #1 (1945)

Original Publisher

Cambridge House

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In the dead of night on a hazardous road, an unknown woman is speeding through the countryside. She is on her way to contact John, a man who's about to leave overseas because he believes his wife and baby are dead. Unbeknownst to him, the child isn't dead. Unfortunately, the woman's car crashes along a curve, killing its occupant. The dead woman soon becomes a ghost. However, she doesn't realize she is dead and proceeds to will herself to John's house but, to her surprise, she cannot be seen or heard by him.

Despite the fact that a mad dog is roaming the countryside, the despondent John goes for a walk. While on his stroll, he's spotted by a man who also sees Ghost Woman. This man is in fact a werewolf and can see ghosts thanks to his curse. He grapples with Ghost Woman while John flees. Ghost Woman discovers during the fight that she can touch supernatural things with no problem and also realizes that silver can kill a werewolf. She tries to give John clues such as exerting her will and moving a blunderbuss and silver fork. The werewolf regroups with his werewolf pack and leads an attack. The alpha male is killed by a shot from a silver bullet. The others flee, and John vows to make hunting them down his life's mission.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Star-Studded Comics #1 (1945)


  • The Dark Horse Comics character, The Ghost, was inspired by Ghost Woman.
  • Along with other Golden Age public domain Canadian characters, Ghost Woman was revived in 2010 for Moonstone Books' Johnny Canuck and the Guardians of the North by Ty Templeton.

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