Giants of the Elephant Grave Yard

First Appearance

Rulah Jungle Goddess #18

Original Publisher


Created By

Matt Baker

A race of literal giants, men big enough to straddle elephants like horses, made their kingdom near the elephant grave yard and kept numerous normal sized humans as slaves. Rulah was aware of the danger the giants posed, and avoided their territory.

When the explorer Johnson, along with his daughter Susan and her fiance Hallek, arrived in the jungle with the intent to find the elephant grave yard, Rulah tried to pursuade them not to seek it out, but the group was quite determined. Rulah accompanied them on their trek, hoping to keep them safe. They soon were attacked by the gaints, many of Johnson's bearers were killed, and Susan and Hallek were taken captive.

Hallek had in fact betrayed the party. Promising Tongo, the king of the giants, all of the party members as slaves in exchange for the wealth of ivory littering the region. He returned to the party,claiming he had barely managed to escape, and lead them back to the giant's castle in hopes of freeing Susan. Once inside, the trap was sprung and the giants began collecting the party. During the confusion, Hallek found himself crushed under a giant's foot.

While avoiding the giants, Rulah figured out their main weakness. Their feet were incredibly sensitive and easily hurt. She gathered up some available glass and pottery, and smashed it to pieces, scattering the fragments on the ground. When the giants charged over the shards, the shock from the pain was sufficent to kill them.

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