Public Domain Super Heroes
Girl Commandos

Real Names

Tanya, Mei-Ling, Penelope Kirk, Ellen Billings, Pat Parker

First Appearance

Speed Comics #23 (Oct. 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Barbara Hall


Pat Parker, also known as War Nurse, formed an all-girl team known as the Girl Commandos. The original members included Pat Parker in her War Nurse identity, Ellen Billings, Pat's friend, Tanya, an "official Soviet photographer", and Penelope "Penny" Kirk, an American radio reporter. Mei-Ling, a Chinese woman, joined the team during their first adventure in order to avenge her family's death at the hands of the Japanese army. After their first adventure, Pat Parker dropped her War Nurse identity and began adventuring under her real name.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Speed Comics #23-37, 39-42
  • All New Comics #11


  • In Speed Comics #23, Pat Parker and the Girl Commandos made their only appearance outside their regular feature when they teamed up with Shock Gibson, Black Cat, Captain Freedom, and Ted Parrish to repel the Japanese attempt to invade Los Angeles. The team that appeared in that story was made up of War Nurse, Penny, and Tanya.
  • Sometime after Speed Comics #36, Penelope Kirk left the team under unclear circumstances. Oddly enough, she seemed to have left behind her hair color as artists started depicting the previously dark-haired Pat Parker as a blonde from that point on.

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