Girl Flash
Girl Flash.jpg

Real Name

Iris North

First Appearance

glamourpuss #7 (May 2009)

Original Publisher


Created by

Dave Sim


When lightning struck the makeup table (and the vast collection of cosmetics thereon) of struggling model Iris North, she gained super-speed. North became a super-heroine, and she called herself "Top Notch" (and wore her hair in a top knot to match). However, because she wore a silk-rayon blend miniskirt which invariably rode up exposing her underwear when she ran, all of the residents of her home city Chicago called her "Girl Flash" instead.


  • In glamourpuss #7, Dave Sim created several humorous model/super-heroines. For unclear reasons (but probably to tweak DC Comics), Sim placed one of those heroines, Girl Flash, into the public domain for anyone to use.
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