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Real Name

Yahweh, יהוה, Jehovah, Jah

First Appearance

The Beginning


In general, God is the single all-powerful entity of the monotheistic Abrahamic religions, the creator of all that is and is solely responsible for all creation - past, present and future.

In Judaism, He is known as YHWH, but usually referred to as HaShem ("the Name") or Adonai ("Master" or "Lord"). Most Christians simply refer to Him as "God" or "Lord," or many variations of this, and some Christian religions refer to Him as Jehovah. In Islam, He is called Allah ("the God"), although He has 99 names, all referring to a specific aspect of the one God. The One God is always to be capitalized when speaking or writing, including He, Him or His.

Generally, God is said to reside in Heaven. According to Judeo-Christian mythology, He is the creator of Earth and mankind, the first two humans being Adam and Eve. The principal enemy of God is Satan, a rebellious angel cast from Heaven who resides in Hell.

Public domain literary appearances

  • Hebrew Bible
  • Christian Bible
  • Quran

Citing every literary appearance by God would make for an unmanageable list. Some characters whose origins are directly related to God are Cold, Jesus, the Little Mermaid, Lucifer, the Man in the Moon, Samson and Satan.

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