Golden Knight
Golden knight.jpg

Real Name

Sir Richard of Warwick

First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #1 (1939)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Grieg Chapian


Sir Richard of Warwick, also known as the Golden Knight, was a loyal servant of King Richard, The Lionheart. One day, he saw a vision of a warrior woman who sprang from the flames of his fireplace and told him that he must join the crusades. He left a man named Bart as the regent of his kingdom, as his mother, Martha, had disappeared 20 years earlier. After gathering his men, including his friend, John, Richard set off for the Holy Land. On their way to Jerusalem, the Golden Knight saved damsels in distress and vanquished enemies. Once he reached Jerusalem, he defeated Saladin himself.

Sir Richard's siblings, Roland, Marion, Elaine and Jane also remained in their homeland, but Marion went on to marry Mokon, the king of the moon, Elaine married Sukon, the king of the sun and Jane, still a child became betrothed to Winkon, king of the winds. Separated from his men, Richard went on a quest to find a girl named Alice, who became his mate and partner in his further adventures. Eventually, Sir Richard was also reunited with his mother who had become the Queen of the Tree-Folk in a subterranean land. While she engaged Alice in combat, Richard was knocked unconscious, and Martha identified him as her son by a crescent shaped mole under his left ear.

After this, The Golden Knight had a number of adventures in space, traveling to distant planets in a transparent rocket known as the sky chariot. One such adventure took him to the planet Zutarn where he met the Zutarians whom he called imps. The Zutarians had been conquered by the evil Tyrno who wanted to kill Richard and take Alice for his bride. With the help of Ulka, Golden Knight escapes, defeats, a sea monster, and saves Alice. Tyrno was killed by his subjects who turned on him with their ray guns. Ulka tells Golden Knight that he and Alice are now friends to his people and can return to Zutarn anytime with his blessing.

Powers and Abilities

Richard had no superhuman abilities, but he was unusually strong, and a skilled swordsman, archer, and horse rider. He was said to posses a magic ring and a sacred cloak given to him by the magician Kara, but it is unclear what powers these items may have had. He rode a faithful white steed named King, and was usually accompanied on his later adventures by Alice.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Comics #1-20
  • Eagle Comics #2

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