Gorilla with a Human Brain

Real Name

Jack Castle

First Appearance

Blue Beetle #9 (October 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Graves


Jack Castle was both a drunk and assistant to a mad scientist named Dr. Brock. One day while drunk he is knocked unconscious by the mad doctor during an argument. To ensure Castle would not reveal the nature of the doctor's experiments to Elsa Bonn, the doctor's niece Castle's brain is removed and then placed into the body of a gorilla by the doctor. When he awakens from his operation enraged by what was done to him he seeks revenge.and kills the mad doctor. Desperate and in need of help he goes to the home of a old friend, world renowned scientist Dr Mishkin to cure him of his affliction.

Castle startles Mishkin in his bedroom and the sight of seeing a talking gorilla makes the man call the police. Castle kills him to prevent a confrontation with the authorities. Knowing he has to flee Castle attempts to kidnap Elsa from her hotel to go with him but is wounded when she brandishes a gun and shoots him point blank. Injured he escapes before he is discovered.

A unknown time later the Gorilla takes over the underworld Renard gang, ultimately killing its leader and assuming the role of boss. he instructs the gang to kidnap Elsa to aid in his criminal activities. Elsa is abducted but escapes with the aid of her boyfriend and before the gorilla can pursue he is betrayed by his gang and shot. The gorilla once again is wounded and escapes vowing revenge on them all

Gorilla in disguise

the gorilla in disguise

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Beetle #9-10
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