King Gos & Queen Cor of Regos and Coregos
King Kaliko is bribed by King Gos and Queen Cor.

Real Name

Gos of Regos & Cor of Coregos

First Appearance

Rinkitink in Oz (1916)

Created by

L. Frank Baum


Gos, King of the Island of Regos, was a tough, harsh warrior, but not terribly bright. Like all bullies and marauders, Gos was a coward at heart. Away from the battlefield he is overshadowed by the cunning of his wife Cor, Queen of the Island of Coregos. In their marriage, Gos is the brawn and Cor is the brains. 

While Gos and Cor thought they would have enough power to conquer kingdoms through the ocean, when destroying the island of Pingaree the island's prince Inga decides to rescue his family with the help of a powerful magic. He conquered Regos and Coregos, while Cor and Gos ran away. They traveled with the King and Queen of Pingaree as their prisoners, and bribed the Nome King to keep them captive. Even though he knew Gos and Cor were lying and that the King and Queen of Pingaree were good people, he agreed. Their son later saved them, with Dorothy's help. While Inga saved his parents, a storm destroyed Gos and Cor's boat, drowning both of them (Since they're not in Oz, but in the Nome King's Dominions, death is possible).

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