Grandpa Moth

Real Name


First Appearance

Mad Hatter #1 (1946)

Original Publisher

O.W. Comics Corp

Created by

Bill Woolfolk


Grandpa Moth is the grandfather of Myrtle Moth. Myrtle is the girlfriend of Freddy the Firefly. Grandpa is a retired bank clerk, honored by the police two decade prior for the capture of bank robbers including The Black Mask,, although he did very little assist in the capture. Grandpa Moth enjoys sharing his imagined exploits assisting Firefly.

The Black Mask, a criminal hornet, and his gang, break into Grandpa's home. Grandpa is asleep when the gang breaks in, but awakes to find the thieves stealing artwork. Grandpa Moth confronts them, but is overwhelmed.

Firefly rushes in to capture the criminals, but The Black Mask plans to shoot the hero with his gun. Grandpa interferes with the shot, the bullet grazing his head. Firefly catches the criminals, and Grandpa recovers. Myrtle celebrates his actions, and Grandpa soon falls into relaying tall tales of his assisting Firefly.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mad Hatter #1


Although a moth (complete with wings), Grandpa Moth is only ever shown walking everywhere.

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