The Grasshopper

Real Name

De Clout (probably an alias)

First Appearance

Plastic Man #6 (Winter 1947)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Jack Cole


The Grasshopper was an armed jewel thief who had the good fortune of meeting an entymologist named Professor Chase. Looking for a better way to evade capture, the thief asked the professor what the secret was for the grasshopper's amazing leaping ability. The professor revealed that he had created a serum, from the leg muscles of grasshoppers, that he believed would give a man the same leaping ability as a grasshopper. The thief agreed to be the professor's Guinea pig, and the serum worked, causing the thief's legs to grow to an unusual length, and to gain superhuman strength which enabled him to make incredible leaps. The thief then dubbed himself "The Grasshopper" and wore a new grasshopper themed costume to commit crimes. He was eventually stopped by Plastic Man.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Plastic Man #6

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