Great Defender

Real Name

Stormy Foster

First Appearance

Hit Comics #18 (December 1941)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Max Elkan


Stormy Foster was a pharmacy assistant clerk who worked at Vaughan's Cut Rate Drugs, a pharmacy located in the city somewhere in California. The pharmacy was run by the elderly Dr. Vaughan. Stormy was his meek but loyal right-hand man until he discovered a vitamin that when ingested would give superhuman strength. He used this vitamin to become the superhero known as the Great Defender. He was occasionally assisted by Ah Choo, a horribly stereotypical Chinese-American boy who worked for the nearby drugstore.

After he got his powers, he continued to work for Dr. Vaughan, who rarely questioned his assistant's tendency to disappear for several hours at the time. In this capacity, he was a soda jerk (at the time, sodas were primarily sold in pharmacies), a delivery man, a cashier and whatever else Dr. Vaughan needed him to be to keep the business running.

Powers and Abilities

When Stormy took the power-giving vitamin, he gained the strength, speed, and endurance of ten men. The effect wore off after a certain period of time, but the original stories were never consistent about how long that would take.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Hit Comics #18-34

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