The Great Question

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing Man Comics #5 (Sept. 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Everett


The Great Question was a member of the Council of Seven at the lamasery in Tibet where Amazing Man was raised and trained. He was the lama in charge of interrogations. With his incredible telepathic powers he could project his thoughts across the world and hypnotize all but the strongest mind. Great Question was able to use his resources and abilities to create a world-spanning criminal organization.

When the Council of Seven chose to raise Aman, the Great Question balked, but he was powerless to overrule the council's decision. When Aman turned 25 and went out into the world, the Great Question tried to use his agents to bring Amazing Man down, but they were defeated again and again. On one occasion, he used his telepathy to release Aman's darkest impulses, temporarily turning him into a very effective villain (who proved just how dangerous an ability to turn into mist could be in malevolant hands). But Aman was eventually able to shake off Great Question's influence and return to his senses.

Great Question without a mask

In Amazing Man #11, the Council of Seven ordered Aman to return to Tibet and undergo a purification process that purged all of his negative impulses. The Great Question tried to corrupt Amazing Man once again, but with no negative emotions to release, his mental tempering had no effect. Worse for the Great Question, the Amazing Man realized what was happening and revealed the Great Question's criminal plans to the other lamas and he found himself banished from the lamasery. The malevolent lama continued to bedevil Aman, this time out of revenge atop of everything else.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Man Comics #5-26
  • Stars & Stripes #2-4

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