Green Arrowhead
Green Arrowhead with Little Bear

Real Name


First Appearance

Indian Braves #1 (March 1951)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Jim McLaughlin


From Indian Braves #1:

Many are the tales that have come out of the west, telling of a lone Indian hero who had taken occasional leave of his tribe to roam the prairies in pursuit of better understanding between white man and red man, and to combat injustice wherever he encountered it! The Indian brave had become so famous for his own green-tipped missiles, that he became known to all as Green Arrowhead, and men could no longer remember what his original name had been!

In the first appearance, Chief Gallant Hawk, a Choctaw leader, calls Green Arrowhead "Green Arrowhead, my son." Green Arrowhead in turn calling the chief "my father". His brother is identified as Bold Eagle. His horse, a white-and black horse with its head being all black, is named Wild Heart.

Later in the same story, a soldier in the United States Calvary relayed what he knew of Green Arrowhead thusly:

Some years back, an old philosopher came out here to prospect for gold. His name was Ben Hardin, and he made friends with the Choctaws…

While the other young braves would play, Green Arrowhead would seek out the old man who educated him in the ways of the white man. Since that time, Green Arrowhead has always favored the cause of the white settlers who came west…

Mortally wounded in battle, Chief Gallant Hawk offers Green Arrowhead the leadership over the tribe, but Green Arrowhead defers to his brother, Bold Eagle.

He later gains a sidekick of sorts in the form of Little Bear.

Arrowhead green

Green Arrowhead symbol

Powers and Abilities

Green Arrowhead, as the name implies, is accomplished with use of the bow and arrow.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Indian Braves 1-4

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