The Green Devil

Real Name


First Appearance

Slam-Bang Comics #3 (May, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Gus Ricca


It is unclear if the Green Devil is a demon or a mutated scientist, as some of his abilities seemed magical in nature, and some were clearly technological. He was a giant creature, standing about 15 feet tall, with green skin and horns. He ruled Death Island from a palacial throne room. He possessed a palanthir which allowed him to see distant events, and which nullified all magic but his own, within the immediate vicinity. He used a special gas to turn people into zombies, and his zombies served him faithfully as soldiers and workers. He was able to teleport himself and his zombies in a flash of fire. He also possessed a huricane machine which could turn the weather around Death Island extremely violent. His palace included an astronomy room, where he believed he was close to discovering all the secrets of the universe. The Green Devil was confronted by Diamond Jack.

Jack though frustrated with the Devil's powers is eventually able to fight and turn the Green Devil into a book of magic spells. He frees the zombies from their curse and releases all prisoners on Death Island. All of the Devil's work and technology is destroyed. Green Devil appeared in only one adventure of Diamond Jack from a Slam-Bang Comics issue printed by Fawcett in 1940.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Slam-Bang Comics #3
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