Green Horde

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Fantastic Fears #2 (July 1953)

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When chasing a petty criminal named Banco into the sewers of Rome, Signor Renzi, Commissioner of Police, and an officer named Pietro hear Banco suddenly cry out. Moments later they find Banco dead with most of his flesh missing. They get lost, encountering the Green Horde. As they get trapped by the Green Horde, Renzi sacrifices Pietro for a brief respite.

The Green Horde recognize Renzi's surrender of the officer's life, and managing to communicate with him by their inhuman language and gestures. He understands. The Green Horde wishes him to provide people for them to consume. He agrees, directing them first to tunnel into a bank vault of the Bank of Rome to steal millions in gold for him. In return, he directs them to a displaced persons camp, where the Green Horde kills and eats all therein.

After some time, Renzi tires of the deal. He tells the Green Horde to forget any further dealings. The Green Horde kidnap his wife and daughter. He goes to the sewers to plead with them, but the Green Horde has already killed them. Signor soon meets the same fate.

Powers and Abilities

The Green Horde are large creatures of great strength. They can kill and consume a victim in a matter of minutes.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #2

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