Public Domain Super Heroes
Green Lama
Green Lama 1

Real Name

Jethro Dumont

First Appearance

Double Detective vol. 5 #5 (April 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Kendell Foster Crossen


Jethro Dumont, a rich resident of New York City, spent ten years in Tibet studying to be a lama (a Buddhist guru) and learning many mystical secrets in the process. He returned to the United States in order to spread the Buddhist teachings, but after witnessing a murder he realized he could be of more help by fighting evil and crime. He receives his Green Lama powers by reciting the mantra "om mani padme hum." Dumont is also endowed with superhuman abilities acquired through his scientific knowledge of radioactive salts.

Dumont has two alter egos - the crime-fighting Green Lama, and the Buddhist priest Dr. Pali.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Green Lama has superhuman strength, is nearly invulnerable, can levitate, and can summon ghosts to aid him.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • Green Lama #1-8
  • Prize Comics #7-34


  • The original comic books are in the public domain but, the character itself and the original pulp stories are protected by copyright since Double Detective Magazines (where Green Lama debuted) had its copyright renewed. The rights to the Green Lama stories were retained by the author, Kendell Foster Crossen, and are now assigned to Kendra Crossen Burroughs.
  • The Green Jet is a re-printed version of the Green Lama, much like Atomaster is a re-printed version of fellow Spark hero, Atoman. An earlier Green Lama story had previously been re-worked with Magga the Magnificent taking the title role.

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