The Green Mask
Green mask

Real Name

The Green Mask

First Appearance

Mystery Men Comics #1 (August 1939)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Walter Frehm


The Green Mask was a super-powered entity that would sometimes possess others in order to temporarily fight crime.

Powers and Abilities

The Green Mask had the powers of super-strength, flight, and limited invulnerability.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Mystery Men Comics #1-12
  • Green Mask vol. 1 #1


  • The stories were inconsistent about the relationship between Green Mask and Johnny Green. In early stories, Johnny Green "blacks out" while he is Green Mask, not remembering what he did while in super-powered form. In some later stories, Johnny Green perceives his adventures as the Green Mask as dreams and thus remains oblivious to his dual nature. In others, he is aware of it and tries his best to facilitate the transformation when Green Mask is needed.

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