The Green Mask

Real Name

Walter Green

First Appearance

Green Mask #10 (1944)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

E.C. Stoner


Walter Green fought crime as the Green Mask before being sent off to war, being known as the "nation's foremost fighter against the evil forces of the underworld." With the mantle free, his son, Johnny, became the next Green Mask in his father's place.

Contrary to his son, whose secret identity was never known by the public, everyone knew Walter Green had been the Green Mask... he was even awarded the Congressional Medal!

When Walter returned from fighting the war, he never mentioned having been there, having ever been the Green Mask, nor ever knew his son had since taken the mantle (and powers) for himself!

Public Domain Appearances

  • Green Mask
    • vol. 1 #10
    • vol. 2 #5


  • Walter Green only appeared in costume in the first panel of Green Mask II's story, his adventures as The Green Mask were never explored in a comic.
  • Neither Walter nor Johnny had anything to do with Fox's previous Green Mask.

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