Public Domain Super Heroes
Green Turtle

Real Names


First Appearance

Blazing Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Enwil/ Rural/ Croydon

Created by

Chu Hing


A true mystery man, the Green Turtle aided the Chinese in guerrilla warfare against Japanese invaders. He wore a green cloak with an enormous turtle-shell design and had a sidekick, Burma Boy, a young beggar he'd rescued from execution by the Japanese army.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Green Turtle had no powers but, was a skilled fighter and flew the the Turtle Plane.

Public Domain Appearances[]

  • Blazing Comics #1-5


  • Chu Hing intended the character to be Chinese however, the publishers felt differently so, rather than presenting him as Caucasian, Chu always hid the character's face, either behind his mask or by him standing in shadows.

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